I recently attended a yoga series put on by Katerina Khramova, specifically designed for those of us suffering from arthritis and joint pain. It was a revelation to me.

Katerina’s knowledge, experience and professionalism have helped me tremendously. I learned how diet can have such a huge impact on relieving pain and stress. Most impressive however, was Katerina’s focus on us as individuals. She took the time during each session to coach us individually. She also encouraged us to follow up with her during the week with any questions and concerns we may have.

I highly recommend Katerina to help you attain a better, healthier life.

- Andrew 



Many years of countless treatments with numerous chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapist, acupuncturists, hypnotist and everything in between cannot compare to a single Yoga therapy session with Katerina Khramova. As opposed to most of the above mentioned specialists, she didn't need to study my x-rays. By simply observing my posture and my walk and by listening to what brings a pain she quickly and accurately identified what needs to be corrected and suggested exercises that brought much relieve as I was doing them. By listening to my pulses (and maybe to my heart?) she stated my emotional blocks that I've been trying to understand for a very long time. She taught me the right breathing, gave recommendations for dietary changes, wrote down my program with pictures of the exercises, suggested information on balancing my body constitution...way above and beyond my expectations of a therapy session. And now I am in charge of improving my health, as I am to work on a program on a daily basis till next session. After the therapy I felt surge of energy and inspiration to work on my health and first in a long time believed that recovery is possible. Katerina has a deep knowledge in many areas and generously shares it with her clients. Thank you Katerina for investing you time and energy in your studies and for applying your knowledge in helping people to achieve their optimal state of health!

Love and Peace,
- Julia



I learned more in one session with Kat than my previous six months at a different studio. I highly recommend her.

- Marina



Just under 2 years ago I began working with Katerina Khramova. This work began after I had a major gynecological surgery and supported me in healing not only my body, but my emotions and spirit also. I am also a woman with a condition known as Bipolar Disorder, and Katerina prescribed Yoga Therapy practices to support my mind with greater emotional stability. Katerina held a very loving and sacred space for me to reveal deep suffering and be vulnerable to myself through what were some very challenging circumstances. The Yoga is what held me through the most challenging 2 years of my life. Now I have practiced Yoga before, but having your very own customized program for yourself is very different and extremely powerful. I will admit it took a lot of dedication to practice 2 times daily, but I always reaped great rewards from these practices and still do; increased energy, more balanced mood, and a deeper awareness and connection to myself. I will forever be grateful for this investment in time and energy. The financial investment is modest too, as once you learn your practices you can practice at home daily as prescribed. It is really has been the best medicine of my lifetime. I thank Katerina and Yoga Therapy for getting me through some rough challenges and supporting my body to heal at a deep physical, emotional and spiritual level. I would recommend her work to anyone who is ready to be supported in this way and who wants to make a loving commitment to them self. I am grateful for this medicine as it has gifted me so much, and I will continue to practice this moving forward.

Peace and love ~~~~<3

- Samara



Kat is an amazing lady; her knowledge, compassion for others, dedication to helping others and her positive outlook on life help you align your body, mind and spirit on its path to optimal health and enlightenment. She takes great pride in offering an environment that is conducive to helping you achieve this. Trust me! She has helped me go from being sick way to often, to having an immune system that works efficiently! THANKS KAT!

- Sherry



Best money I’ve spent!

- Laurel



I want to take this time to thank Katerina for her, patience and positive feedback.  It was a pleasure to work with her. My Cancer journey has been challenging, and with Katerina’s help I have been able to achieve certain goals which have proven to be very positive for me.

I highly recommend Katerina’s healing practice to everyone.
Katerina, thank you once again for all you’ve done for me.
All the best

- Diana



Kat’s Yoga is powerful. You feel completely secure in her knowledge of body, mind and spirit. As a guide, she allows you to find the connection for yourself. You enter and quiet your mind and relax.

I would strongly urge anyone wishing to give themselves the gift of time on the mat to spend it with Kat.

- Erin



I’ve been looking for years for my yoga guru and I found!

Katerina has taught me such a profound thing as BREATHING. I realized that for all the years of my yoga practice gained from group sessions or from youtube, I had not been breathing right. And this is so essential, to breathe!

Through yoga Katerina teaches me how to be present in the current moment and how using simple technique to transform my negative emotions into love.

I’m so thankful to Kat for her intuitive approach and her ability to feel my emotions, my pain and fears, and to “prescribe” those asanas and practices that are right for me for my current state.

I’m so looking forward to working with you for many-many years to come!

- Sniazhana



Kat is a wonderful inspiring teacher and I have never enjoyed yoga so much.
Thank you for this most beneficial classes in freeing my body and mind.
This has given me outstanding results. Something I can continue on my own and develop more to know my body and my pain points and how to treat them.

Thank you Kat!

- Janice