What This Sutra Is All About Anyway? 


Most of the practitioners heard the name of Patanjali and Yoga Sutra-s. 

Not many people I met though know that these sutra-s or threads are Yoga reveling and are actually chanted. Here I found a historic video where the teacher of my teachers Shri Krishnamacharya is chanting Yoga Sutra-s as they were heard. And his student B.K.S. Iyengar is practicing yoga. 

Before Patanjali Yoga was said to be an oral tradition and he was the first one to codify it.

The name of Patanjali means "falling into the hands of praying" and is visualized with one of the praying mudras with palms open. 

Every Sutra has it's deep meaning for the path of Yoga. The main task of Patanjali's Sutra-s is to show us the way out of suffering. 

Can you guess how many Sutra-s are actually about the physical body and asana there?

Katerina Khramova