What Is Mind?


The mind is not the brain. The mind is in every cell of the body. If there is a trauma, it is in every cell of the body. And if there is no focus, the mind goes back to the trauma, because the nature of the mind is to go back to the negative.

Memory is the mind’s function. All memory is the past. The knowledge is also the past, as it comes from the memory. But the past is dead. It not there anymore. 99,9% of our actions come from the past, memory. But what we really are, the Self, is infinitely greater! So, the mind is the compost of a memory. Clean your memory. No memory, no emotions. The mind’s work is to create a story, to entertain, to take us to the past or to the future, which may create all kinds of new feelings. So, the only thing we can do is to become masters of our mind. And because the mind is in every cell of the body and especially the prana area, the diaphragm, we train our consciousness through mindful breathing. It is a long, slow and on-going journey. Therefore through special physical practices, through breathing and sound work, we slowly excess all the cells of the mind, happy and traumatized, and we retrain and reparent.

Breathing In-I am aware I’m breathing In, Breathing out-I am aware I’m breathing out.


Katerina Khramova