The Most Popular Question: What Is YOGA?


For me, it’s a PROCESS. It is exactly the process of LIVING through every moment of my being… through every moment fully aware…

And therefore It’s a choice. It’s a constant choice of what I think, how I react, how to act APPROPRIATELY. What would be the least harmful, but mostly teaching way to live through this or that situation. To get to the point of continuous and constant conscious choice, we practice… and we practice until the practice gets to be our second nature.. and we continue practicing afterwards.

That is why being a Yogi, a Yoga Teacher is not a profession, from my point of view. It’s not a job. It’s a privilege. It’s a duty and a conscious choice of responsibility. Responsibility to begin with yourself first, responsibility not to take students until you fulfill your own practice and your own work, responsibility to become a fully loving presence for those who come to you as a teacher, responsibility to be humble and honest and to know your duty.

Never underestimate the wisdom of ancient texts. Study the philosophy, try to connect the dots for yourself. As well as never underestimate your own self, your experience, your journey, soul and intuition.

when it all comes together, we testify a new born yogi.

Katerina Khramova