One-On-One Yoga vs. Group Classes OR Why "One Size Fits All" Doesn't Fit All.


"Yoga for Lower Back", "Yoga for Sciatica", "Yoga for Depression, Menopause, Pregnancy..." etc. etc.

Have you heard of these? 

As students of Traditional Yoga Therapy, we heard the saying of The Grand Father of Yoga Shri Krishnamacharya so many times, that we all know it by heart: 
"- What do you give for Asthma?
And his answer was: - Who is Asthma?"

Who is Sciatica, Lower Back Pain or Pregnancy? 
Asthma has so many faces. Your asthma can be very different from your neighbor's. One can be fit, the other - overweight. One can have all kinds of different symptoms, while the other hardly ever uses a puffer. One can be a host for many other conditions, while the other may not. One can eat a junk-food diet while the other is a very conscious eater. I can go on and on. 
So, how can a Yoga Therapist really give one and the same practice to two different people with the same medical condition? What works for one may harm the other. There is always the time and the place for the appropriate practice. And creating an appropriate practice is an art in itself. 

That is why as a Yoga Therapist I always have a critical mind about those group classes or workshops, which promise to give you tools or techniques for some of your pains or conditions. I am not criticizing any of the teachers who are doing this kind of group settings! Some of them are very experienced and wonderful energy healers who definitely support the practice of those who suffer. 
My goal is only to increase awareness.

So if you ask me, the most effective way to access all the levels of a being in front of me in a healing way, will always be one-on-one therapy with a present Teacher.

With much love and care for those who read me.

Katerina Khramova