Do You Wear Skirts?


The Vedic view on skirt wearing for women.

There is so much information about skirt wearing for women in Russian these days. So, I decided to speak of it in English for a change.

Skirt byVedas (the most ancient scripts) say that being born in a male or a female body, we should try to live accordingly. That is to fulfill the duties that come with this body and respect the strengths given to us at birth.

So, amongst different things, it is said that a woman should be grounded and have practices in the material world. (In Yoga we would say, the first two cakras), because a nature of a woman is to give birth. There are a lot of practices and life style attributes to this, but one of them is a skirt wearing.

The skirt is better be long and widening towards the Mother Earth (to receive the energy). Such a skirt would allow the blood flow to reproductive system (which may be different in tight jeans ), it also is intimate (which hopefully makes sense on its own), it is appropriate to cover some areas of a woman, it slows down the movements of a woman giving her a wave-like walk, which helps the nervous system (slash hormones, slash health), and there is so much more to it, including the attractive and gentle look.

And of course, as a Yoga person myself, I don't always wear long skirts and we also don't live in Vedic times, life is deferent these days and we accommodate.  But coming from a culture, where a woman should look beautiful, I still appreciate it a lot!

Katerina Khramova