Do you balance it all?


Family responsibilities vs. our practice and spiritual growth - which one takes over?

I’m not inventing the wheel saying that the given family is a way to grow with.

There is an often misconception that our spiritual growth should come from an isolated practice and solitude in the mountains or woods. Which is true as well. But it is also true that traditional yoga does not limit its practitioners to certain boundaries. Even our dear Teacher and the Grandfather of Yoga Shri Krishnamacharya was blessed on a family path by his teacher. And as modern Yogies M. Stone and M. Remski from Toronto say in their book: “Family wakes us up”. 

And it does!

I remember seeing my Teachers after I gave birth to my son, expressing that I practiced much less and my formal meditation was shorter. “He is your practice now”-my Teacher said,-“you are now to watch him; to observe every flower through his eyes; to be present to all his emotions and beginnings”.

So I did and I will always do!

I have observed the birth of the Mother within; the birth of a different level of Devine Love within my small family; I have observed my son’s feelings flowing so fast without being stuck and myself through his eyes in such a different way.

I have learnt to let go of many things and people even more than before to take time for important things, like looking in his eyes and feeling his hands on my cheeks, or him kissing my eyes and hugging my neck, to enjoy his pure laugh and hear him saying how much he loves me!

I am slowing down to grow within to once give it back.

I don’t feel left out; I feel so much closer to the Truth; to the Spirit; to the Source and absolutely to MySelf. 

Any psychotherapist will tell you that every kid loves their Mother no matter what. 

This is so true; your kids are there to learn so much about you; to know how to make you happy and how to have all your attention, because they are so much dependable and they see you as their Gods and they Love you with all their souls which are so pure.

And they also know all your triggers, all your pains, they observe you with such a grace even just being born.

Isn’t it the best practice you can ask for?

I could not ask for more on my journey than to know that somebody loves me this much this way for just who I am, for bringing this soul Earth-side. 

So, I love my imbalanced balance. 

I am learning to stay present, loving and authentic every day of my life.

And honestly, all my silent retreats, meditations and solitude in the woods have never given me so much spiritual growth as I (sometimes forcefully) get now. But this is my path, my journey of Light. And it doesn’t make me less of a Yogi, but on the contrary. 

So, nothing really takes us away from our practice, as soon as we realize the whole material world is the practice, it’s the place to be reborn, to learn and to grow into Love and Light.

Urvil James Villaruel