Yoga Therapy Scarborough Drop In Classes


A couple of weeks ago I started to give group classes in the comfort of my own space. The class takes place every Tue 5:30-6:45

And if the group continues to grow, I may schedule one more regular class on Fri the same time.

For me It feels right to create a sanga (group of regulars for spiritual practice) in the place organized by myself.

– you’ve got all the needed props to support your practice and make it a safe environment (mats, bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets, different therapy balls, sand bags and so much more)
– big windows facing the tranquility and greenery of the forest
– soft lightning (Himalayan salt lamps etc)
– organic seasonal herbal tea to come soon
– and classical safe yoga & meditation practice, coming from the origin, the teacher or the teachers, Sri Krishnamacharya.

Katerina Khramova