Why Blogging At All?


Welcome beautiful souls,

I am not fond of writing, but I really am fond of sharing. After giving birth to my son I found myself full of experiences and revelations, based on meditations, books read and my therapy studies and researches. I found myself making short notes here and there about some funky or really deep investigations of my own soul or some notions. And I finally felt almost a physical need to burst. So, here I am making up my mind to write.

Okey, let us agree on the following: I will not abuse your minds with long boring narrations on how good it is to practice yoga, I will try to be short, sweet and insightful. Still, if you, my dear readers-to-be feel like I have violated my promise, please, be so kind, give me a nice mindful reminding kick.

And even if there is totally nobody to read me at all, that is also fine, I will save it for myself and it will help me not to boost my Ego as a philosopher.

So, here we go!  The first page is written. Hopefully, short and sweet, as it was promised.

(As my big friend would say)

Katerina Khramova