Do you balance it all?

There is an often misconception that our spiritual growth should come from an isolated practice and solitude in the mountains or woods. Which is true as well. But it is also true that traditional yoga does not limit its practitioners to certain boundaries. Even our dear Teacher and the Grandfather of Yoga Shri Krishnamacharya was blessed on a family path by his teacher. And as modern Yogies M. Stone and M. Remski from Toronto say in their book: “Family wakes us up”. 

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Urvil James Villaruel
Can Your Yoga Practice Injure You?

Now imagine, if I would stay with this practice till now, how would my lower back and neck feel? When we are young, it seems like no big deal, but we should learn to connect to our body and acknowledge that not all the movements serve us.

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Katerina Khramova