Yoga Therapy Scarborough

Serving all in need through the eyes and tools of Eastern Philosophy, Yoga Therapy and Western Psychology.



Why You Can Trust Me As Your Guiding Teacher

• I am a practicing teacher.

• I have my own Teachers to whom I attribute most of my professional growth. ( Even being certified as a Yoga Therapist, I do continue seeing my Teachers regularly for my own practice and for some of my clients. I honestly bow down to all my Teachers, alive and diseased.

• I have been through a lot with my body, never missing a day of my personal practice.  My body and mind are changing so is my practice. But it always supports my life.

• I came to Yoga Therapy as a student to heal my lower back slipped disc injury, sciatica and personal trauma and ended up being a Yoga Therapist myself supporting those who are ready to practice and make change.

• If you are amongst those, I will be honored to guide you and hold the space for you.

• Please, note that it is recommended to meet your Yoga Therapist at least 5-6 times for a private session.



हेयं दुःखमनागतम्॥१६॥
heyaM duHkhamanaagatam
~ Yoga Sutra 2.16
“Painful effects that are likely to occur should be anticipated and avoided.”
~ TKV Desikachar



About Katerina Khramova

My last years of work have been devoted to become the best Yoga Therapist I could be. I am Yoga Alliance certified Holistic Yoga Teacher, Yin and Restorative, Pre- and Post-natal, Hatha, Vinyasa and Meditation Teacher, supported by Bachelor’s degree in adult education and MBA in Management. My goal is to provide holistic and therapeutic approach backed-up by Psychological, Pedagogical and Medical education, knowledge of Ayurveda principles, understanding body-mind connection, deep interest in Vedic philosophy and channeling of higher consciousness.

I have been working with those experiencing trauma, stress, PTSD, suffering with depression and anxiety, ADHD, physical injuries, major chronique illnesses, autoimmune conditions, obesity, addictions and some disabilities, as well as with hospice terminal patients. I take pride in preparing women for conscious pregnancies and natural birth.

I’m also a guest teacher in Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training teaching principles of Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda. (

With a background in Management Consulting (having worked in Russia, Europe and North America), I possess facilitation skills acquired through years of being a Change Manager, certified Business and Psychology Trainer (in different challenging environments, as well as in hospitals), known for the ability to bring a multidisciplinary approach to my work. Being born in between East and West, my life goal is to combine the most holistic principles of the both worlds and support them with loving presence.



“Yoga is the way out of suffering.”






“Teach what is within you. Not as it applies to you, but as it applies to the other.” 
~ Krishnamacharya





Best money I’ve spent!

- Laurel


I want to take this time to thank Katerina for her, patience and positive feedback.  It was a pleasure to work with her. My Cancer journey has been challenging, and with Katerina’s help I have been able to achieve certain goals which have proven to be very positive for me.
I highly recommend Katerina’s healing practice to everyone.
Katerina, thank you once again for all you’ve done for me.
All the best.

- Diana


Kat’s Yoga is powerful. You feel completely secure in her knowledge of body, mind and spirit. As a guide, she allows you to find the connection for yourself. You enter and quiet your mind and relax.

I would strongly urge anyone wishing to give themselves the gift of time on the mat to spend it with Kat.

- Erin